Why We Love Sydney’s Northern Suburbs

Why We Love Sydney’s Northern Suburbs

We love Sydney’s northern suburbs and no, it’s not because we have lived our entire lives here, but for actually the opposite reasons.

When compared to a lot of other places in Sydney, the Northern Suburbs are a pretty neat place to live in.

You know what? Do not take our local locksmiths word for it. Check out what all North Sydney suburbs have to offer and by the time you are done with it, you will be on the same page as us.

The Northern Suburbs are actually divided into the Upper and Lower North Shore. While the Upper North Shore covers the area from Chatswood to Hornsby, the Lower part constitutes the Sydney Harbor Peninsula that includes Mosman, Willoughby, Lane Cove, and the North Sydney Council.

North Shore is a gift of nature to Sydney indeed. This region of the NSW has many picturesque beaches and forested areas that make North Sydney a really cool place to live in. What’s amazing about this place is that even when you are in the lap of nature, you get to enjoy modern day facilities.

The Northern Suburbs are impressively well-developed to support a modern lifestyle. In fact, the Northern suburbs are home to the wealthy and influential people. So, you can imagine the number of businesses in the vicinity and the kind of facilities that are available in the neighborhood to serve them.

There are two major commercial districts in Chatswood and North Sydney each, where large MNCs have set up their headquarters. The area is well-connected by important highways like the Pacific Highway, Warringah Expressway, and the Military Road. There is plenty of public transport to use as well with the North Shore being served by the North Shore, Northern & Western Rail Line and buses. Of course, there are plenty of ferries offering services all day long on the shore as well.

You will find some of the best restaurants in Sydney by the North Shore. Also, as many expats reside in the region, the cultural diversity can be tasted in the food as well. From the Chinese food at Open Kitchen Yum Cha, the Italian at Verace Pizzeria, AJ’s Indian Restaurant, to the local Australian diners, you will find it all.

There is a slew of shopping districts that host some of the best global brands for you to choose from. Chatswood is home to many such retail shops along with Crows Nest, Hornsby, and Gordon.

If you want a little weekend picnic, the shore always adds fun to your weekend. But apart from the obvious, you can also spend time exploring the other landmarks in the region. You can make a trip to the Torango Zoo in Mosman, hang out at the Luna Park, go to North Sydney’s Stanton Library, or visit the weekly Frenchs Forest Market, Wahroonga Markets, and do so much more.

The Northern Suburbs keep buzzing with activity all year long. You can go island hopping, enjoy at the Guringai festival, participate in a robotic duel, enroll in an obstacle course, or do something else you never expected to.

The northern suburbs of Sydney are an absolute delight to live in and by now, you must understand why we love them so much. There is so much to see and do that you will wonder why you did not move in earlier! For real!

Feature Image: Taronga Zoo, Sydney Australia by Ann McLeod

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