Security Mistakes That Intruders Love & How To Combat Them

Security Mistakes That Intruders Love & How To Combat Them

The thing about break-ins is that most of the time there is no warning before it happens. One day you will be out at work, to suddenly come home to your belongings scattered all over the place and precious items are missing.

So, just as the scout motto goes “be prepared,” one thing you can do is treat your home as your fortress in case. Don’t let anything fall by the wayside.

There are some silly mistakes that a home owner should never be caught making. These errors make it easy for the intruder to gain access to your home. In this article, I will address some of these little mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

Security Mistakes Due To DIY

DIY can save you a lot of money and teach you some new skills along the way, but there are times and areas where it’s best to call a professional. Home security is one of those instances.

Here are some of the silly mistakes common when people try to install home security systems themselves.

Self Security System Installation

As much as this would save cost, it is not a good idea to install your security system yourself. The chances are, you would end up misconnecting a wire, damaging the system or unknowingly make it inefficient.

A serious intruder would check for flaws in your system. If it is not professionally installed, he would most likely find a flaw quickly and gain access to your home in no time at all.

Lack Of Maintenance

Many home owners don’t know how to maintain their security system. As a result, they don’t continuously check whether the system is working correctly.

By checking your system regularly you will find any faults, security flaws, and inefficiencies before anything serious happens.

Wrong Camera Positioning

Your surveillance camera is a handy security feature. A security camera can help you can see what is going on outside and make an appropriate plan when necessary.

If your camera is positioned wrongly, then the whole aim of the system is defeated. A camera positioned at an angle that it captures a that doesn’t cover common access areas would most likely not get images that would be very useful to you.

Using Discount Systems

Most of the time in trying to save cost many homeowners opt for cheaper units. The problem with most of these cheap security systems is that they are very inefficient in protecting your home. To an intruder who is serious about gaining access to these types of systems are easy to bypass.

Trying To Install The Locks Yourself

The same thing goes for the locks. Just because you are good at fixing things does not necessarily guarantee that you would do an excellent job in installing your locks or even picking the right ones that would fortify your home properly in the first place.

Just get a professional to install your locks for you.

Landscaping And House Setup Security Mistakes

Allowing Untrimmed Trees And Overgrown Bushes

The problem with allowing overgrown bushes and untrimmed trees around your house is that it provides very nice hiding spots for intruders. So from time to time make sure these bushes are cleared out and the trees properly trimmed so that you will always have a clear line of sight around your home.

Poor Security Lighting

Darkness allows people to hide. Dark corners of your property allow potential intruders to sneak into your house unseen. Outside (security) lights will help you see those thieves clearly before they reach your home.

Combined with motion sensors, security lighting is a great deterrent.

Leaving The Back And Or The Garage Door Unlocked

An intruder would always try as much as possible to see the flaws in your security. So it’s important to make a habit of checking to make sure all your doors are properly locked before going out or before going to bed.

Use Of Fake/Cheap Window Locks

Most people in trying to save cost also would go for cheap locks. It is a silly mistake to ignore reinforcing your windows with proper locks. One of the easiest ways for an intruder to gain access to a house is through the window. It is important that every home owner makes it a habit of reinforcing their windows with proper locks.

Leaving The Windows Unlocked

This is worst than the former one; you are practically giving them an open invitation to plunder your home.

Installing Your Alarm System Near A Window

Many people don’t think of this. If your security system can be seen through a window, then all an intruder needs to do is to peep and see the type of system you have. Using this information, the burglar can figure out the best way to bypass your particular security system.

It is always better to install these systems where it is out of the line of sight from the window.

General Home security Mistakes

Leaving Your Ladder Lying Around The Yard

Most people leave tools and equipment lying around the yard. Unfortunately, many of these things can be stolen or used to help a thief gain access to your home.

It’s important for you to tools and equipment back to either the tool shed or the garage once you are done using it.

Leaving Empty Boxes Of Items Lying Around Your Front Yard

This tells the would-be intruder exactly what he/she might find in that house. Without these empty boxes, the intruder would have to guess, increasing the chance that they will move on.

TV boxes, video game packaging, etc. would give a burglar the exact picture of what he would discover inside. So it’s important that you keep these boxes inside until you can find a way to dispose of them properly.

Leaving Spare Keys Anywhere Outside The House

Every smart intruder would know to look for a spare key to your home under the doormat, under the lawn ornaments, or beneath a memorable rock. If you have a habit of locking yourself out, why not leave it with a trusted neighbor, nearby family member or friend.

Leaving It To Your Dog

Although security dogs are good, they should not be your only line of defense against an intruder. If the intruder is not afraid of dogs, it probably will not do anything to deter the intruder

Leaving Your Valuables Near The Window

You would be practically tempting them by putting those your precious items where they can easily see it. You spent your time and money acquiring these valuables so don’t make it easy for an intruder to take them from you.

If you must put them in the open then close your curtains at night, or when you are out of the house.

Not Using Any Security System

Some folks would even go as far as not employing any security measures in protecting their home. Those are the houses every intruder prays for, a lot to be taken with no real effort at all.

Have you fallen for any of these common mistakes? Let us know in the comment section below.

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