Northern Beaches Crime Rates & What You Can Do About It

Northern Beaches Crime Rates & What You Can Do About It

Are you from Sydney’s Northern Beaches and had your house broken into? You are not alone.

There is a certain sense of being personally violated after one has been the victim of a break-in. Immediately you start to second guess yourself and wonder if you remembered to lock all of your doors and windows. Often people wonder whether or not their home security system was sophisticated enough or if they should have purchased more expensive, more reliable locks.

In many ways, life in North Beaches is idyllic. Unfortunately, it isn’t without its local crime.

Crime Trends In Sydney’s Northern Beaches

According to the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (NSW BOSCAR), from January 1999 to December 2015 there were 18,270 break-ins in the Northern Beaches. This averages more than 36 break-ins per month for the areas surveyed during this 504 month period. Since 1999, we have seen a steady decline in break-in crime for the Northern Beaches.

The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research – which was established in 1969 – is an agency devoted to researching crime for the purpose of reducing its occurrence in the state of New South Wales. It also evaluates the criminal justice system in general.

Break-ins (Dwellings)

Northern Beaches Break & Enter (Dwelling) Stastics
In New South Wales there were 31573 break-ins from the period of January 2015 to December 2015.

According to the NSW BOCSAR, in 2015 the Northern Beaches had over 459 break-ins for residential dwellings.

84 of these break-ins were from Manly, 87 break-ins occurred in Pittwater, and Warringah had the highest with 288 break-ins to residential dwellings

Break-ins (Non-dwellings)

Northern Beaches Break & Enter (Non-Dwelling) Stastics
In New South Wales there were 11877 break-ins on non-dwellings from January 2015 to December 2015.

During this period, Sydney’s Northern Beaches had a total of 236 non-dwelling break-ins.

There were 55 incidents in Manly, 60 occurrences Pittwater, and the Warringah area had the most break-ins with 121.

Motor Vehicle Theft

Northern Beaches Motor Vehicle Theft Statistics
In New South Wales alone there were 14099 motor vehicle theft from the period of January 2015 to December 2015.

The Northern Beaches experienced 235 vehicle thefts between January 2015 and December 2015.

During this time, Manly had a total of 32 vehicle thefts, Pittwater had 70 and Warringah had the most with 133 stolen vehicles.

How Can I Reduce The Chance Of Break-Ins?

The truth is no community no matter how large or small is completely immune from the effects of crime. The trick is being aware of the facts without becoming obsessed with them.

However, here are some practical tips for protecting your home and family from break-ins:

(Check out our home security guide for more tips on securing your home.)

  • Lock up before you leave home – Most people are surprised to find out that most burglars do not pry open windows, or break locks or kick in doors to get into homes. They gain entry through unlocked doors and unsecured windows. Always be sure to check windows and doors before leaving home, especially for extended periods.
  • Install an alarm – They are a deterrent against crime and have become very affordable in recent years.
  • Prune your scrubs – Bushes, shrubs and other growth offer an excellent place for burglars to hide. A few hours of trimming your hedges can pay off by increasing your safety.
  • Draw the blinds – Burglars often window shop prior a home before invading it. Don’t advertise your expensive goods. Also – and this is particularly true around Christmas – don’t leave empty boxes that contained items such as big screen TVs, video game systems, etc.
  • Set indoor timers – Usually burglars don’t want to be surprised by someone being at home when they enter a residence. Set up indoor timers for the lights and other appliances to give the appearance that you are at home when you are not.
  • Get your home security assessed by a local Northern Beaches Locksmith

Preparation is key to a safe and secure home. By following the above tips, you can be confident your home will remain safe and secure

Have you experienced a break in? Tell us your story below.

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