Physical Security Tips For North Shore Businesses

Physical Security Tips For North Shore Businesses

Blind spots, dark corners, hiding places, and vulnerabilities around the perimeter of your business are not something that you should ignore or dismiss in NSW just because you have a tight budget.

Store security and surveillance may be something that is expected for large businesses, but every small business owner should put some time into evaluating and planning their physical security needs.


The old lock and key protection for your property is not the best way to secure your business. Whether you live in the Northern Suburbs or the heart of Sydney, you need to have some level of control over the access of your business. This is not just to protect your business from burglaries, but also to prevent possible inside jobs as well.

Trade secrets and access to financial information are all examples of valuable assets that must be secured by a reliable foundation of physical security. Having a commercial locksmith install locks that cannot be picked by traditional lock-picking tools is a lifesaver.

Security Packages

Along with having reliable doors and locks on cabinets inside your place of business, having a security alarm that can be triggered or switched on whenever there is an emergency of any kind is an extremely worthwhile investment.

You can purchase security systems that include monitoring, digital sensors, electronic passcodes, and tiered access so that you can micromanage every aspect of your security system. This is a safer and more modernized alternative than relying completely on lock-and-key systems, which can be easily exploited by past employees or amateur burglars.


Hiring security guards to physically prevent break-ins can be expensive, so it may be in your best interest to create an environment in which you and your employees maintain an observational advantage, as well as the physical advantage from layers of access points throughout the business. Installing security cameras is a cheap and effective solution that will allow you and your employees to become the first line of defense if any suspicious activity takes place.

It is important to go through training exercises to make sure everyone is comfortable with knowing the lines of vision that the cameras have. Also have a plan in-place in the case of security breaches or emergencies.

Plan of Action

As previously mentioned, having a plan in-place is key to protecting your business and your employees. Those boring employee training videos should be replaced with scenario training and rapid-fire questions so that responses become habits.

Communication is the first line of defense for any store owner or small business owner that operates any store location at night in the North Shore. It is important to know where the alarm trigger button is, where the first-aid kit is at, how often employees should empty the register, and where their coworkers are at all times.

By being prepared in advance you can make sure your business and assets remain safe.

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