Moving Somewhere Central? Tips For Living In The Sydney CBD

Moving Somewhere Central? Tips For Living In The Sydney CBD

Are you looking to move to Central Sydney? If you are a young professional, living in the Central Business District in Sydney, Australia can be a great experience for you.

Sitting on the bank of the Sydney Harbor, Sydney is the largest city in Australia. The stunning harbor boasts of Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge, two world-renowned tourist attractions.

Life in Sydney can really be an interesting one. If you are living anywhere in Sydney or adjacent places, probably you know that by now. But if you are not, and planning to make a move here, you should know some facts about this beautiful city.

We spoke to our locksmiths who cover Sydney’s CBD and asked them what they love about our great city. Here is what they said.

The Sydney CBD Is Full Of Life

Sydney never sleeps; especially the business district. You will find the stores, malls, and markets open 24/7. Streets are always full of people. There are always events going on such as the recent Vivid festival of Sydney.

Plenty Of Opportunity

Sydney CBD is a place where opportunity never stops coming at you. The working environment is really awesome and the pay is pretty high. If you are a hard worker and are waiting for a spark to initiate, moving here can just do the thing.

A Beautiful City

This city is really beautiful in terms of attractions and it never stops to amaze you. You’ve already become familiar with the two greatest attractions of the city. Apart from them, the city is surrounded by beaches like Bondi, Coogee, and Manly; all of which are a 20 minutes drive or ferry ride away from the city center. The parks, the mountains, the architectures like Queen Victoria Building, Sydney Conservatorium of Music and State Library of NSW, all bear the beauty that has never been seen before.

Art And Aesthetics

Sydney CBD offers art galleries like Museum of Contemporary Art and The Art Gallery of NSW for those who have a keen interest in art and history. For the foodies, this city might prove to be a heaven. Names like Spice Temple, Jamie’s Italian and Tetsuya’s offer a wide variety of cuisine to pick from.

World Class Education

Sydney CBD contains many great institutions where you can send your kids and youths for study. It has Government owned, Catholic, and Independent schools. Macquarie University in North Ryde has a long reputation worldwide. The University of NSW, University of Sydney and Western Sydney University are some other very good choices to make.

Sydney’s Climate Condition

Sydney enjoys a temperate climate with a mild winter and has about 104 sunny, cloud-free days a year. It has 4 seasons; Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. It doesn’t have extreme differences between seasons as the weather is moderated by the vicinity to the ocean. Though on a really hot day in summer the temperature may rise up to 40-43 degree Celsius, the average daytime and nighttime temperature is 22 and 14 degree Celsius consecutively. Sometimes in a year there might also be thunderstorms and a good hail storm. The outer suburbs of Sydney have been known for its bushfires also. But that’s part of life here.

With Great Opportunity, Comes Great Price

You will not find any lack of scopes down here, but as they say, there’s nothing called a free meal in the world. You may find the city a bit costly over other cities. The rents and fares here are higher. Just to give you an insight, a 1-bedroom apartment can cost you 600 AUD. The average house rent here is 450-550 AUD plus the rental deposits. But hey, when you’re planning to make your life bigger, you need to pay bigger, right?

If you live in the CBD, tell us what you love about it.

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