Get more paying customers to your business right now

We get you more high-quality enquiries by finding and attracting the right customers online.

Direct calls to your phone without the back-&-forth.

Get More Paying Customers

We direct paying customers straight to your phone

Customers Direct To Your Phone

When our customers call our number they get automatically redirected to you. No sms’s. No emails back and forth.

You Don't Compete For Customers

When you get a call from a customer, you are the only locksmith that we have directed them to. No more competing with others for customers.

No Annual Fees

No more yearly fees. Pay only for the customers we send to you.

More Customers With Less Hassle

We exist to help people achieve the freedom and financial needs to support their desired lifestyle.

To do this, we create web-based services that helps people make money in their business.

We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional customer experience through everything we do. achieves this by providing high quality leads to locksmiths, simply and affordably.

Our process – How we get customers to you.

1. Define Your Ideal Customer

Step 1 is to define your ideal customer. It could be location, enquiry type, availability and more. We consistently work with you to get the best customers for your business.

2. Attract High Quality Customers

Step 2 is to get you customers. We take care of the marketing and attracting new enquiries. All you need to focus on is managing your new leads.

3. Get The Job

Step 3 is where the magic happens. Once we get an enquiry that fits your ideal customer, they are transferred straight to your phone. No back and forth with emails and SMS’s. You get to talk directly with the customer on the phone straight away.

Get more paying customers to your business

We get you more high-quality enquiries by finding and attracting the right customers online.

I want help now

We Tailor Our Service To Get The Best Customers To You

Get leads specific to your service area

No more wasting time responding to customers are too far out of the way. We will only send leads in your desired area.

We send you fresh leads

As soon as the customer enquiries we contact you straight away. Our customers haven’t had time to look elsewhere.

Receive the enquiry type you want

Are you an auto locksmith? Then we will send only automotive enquiries? Prefer to work with businesses? Then we can send you commericial enquiries.

We Specialise In Helping Locksmiths

Compared to other trades, the locksmith industry is very different. Unfortunately, most lead generation companies who help tradespeople don’t realise this. The result is poor service, and low-quality leads for locksmiths. The good news is, we specialise only in locksmiths. You get a tailored service specifically for the locksmith industry. We want to save you the time and hassle associated with low-quality leads. Enjoy the convenience of getting paying customers without having to worry about marketing. You can now use your extra time to service customers, make more money and finally take that holiday.

“Locksmiths in Sydney have been of huge benefit to me and my business”

– David Williams

Get Help To Increase Your Customer Base


No annual fees


A tailored service specifically for locksmiths


Get sent leads in your desired area


We work with you to get the best customers for your business

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