5 Easy Tips To Save Money On Replacement Car Keys

5 Easy Tips To Save Money On Replacement Car Keys

Have you lost your car keys and need a replacement? Do you want to save money on new keys for your car? New car keys are not cheap.However, we have some great tips to potentially save you hundreds of dollars. Interested? Here are our top tips to save you money on replacement car keys.

How Much To Get A Key Cut? A Lot!


It’s a hard reality. Car keys are more sophisticated and replacing one is no longer a quick cheap trip to the hardware store.

While it is easy to order replacement keys through your car dealership, it won’t be cheap. The cost of a single replacement key ranges from $267 to $740 depending on the make and model of your car, and the key’s design. These higher costs are due to the programming and coding needed to activate the alarms or remote control locking.

These days most keys have an inbuilt transponder use to prevent theft. This transponder electronically communicates with the vehicle. If the transponder key isn’t programmed to match with the car, then the car won’t start. Most modern cars require these types of keys. If you lose your keys, not only will they need to be recut, they will also need to be reprogrammed.

The other hassle with newer keys is they don’t have a quick turn around time. Depending on the model and dealer, you may have to wait between five to ten days to collect a replacement.

However, there are quicker options. Check out our different car key replacement options.

How Can You Get A Cheap Car Key Replacement?


It is frustrating how much it can cost to get a new key through a dealership, however there is an alternative.

Auto locksmiths offer an excellent alternative to car dealerships. A locksmith can cut and recode most modern car keys.

An added bonus is they can come to you. No more headaches trying to figure out how to get to the dealership, you have no car!

And the best part is, in most cases they are also cheaper than the dealership.

While auto locksmiths carry genuine keys for your model of car, they also stock aftermarket keys. These keys may look different to the original, but they work just as well and cost less.

If you are getting some replacement keys, remember to take along your vehicle’s registration documents as well as your drivers licence to prove you are the cars owner.

TIP: A common problem is when the buttons on your fob stop working but the key still starts the car. This is often a sign that the fob’s battery is going flat. First try replacing the battery. If that doesn’t help, then you may need to replace the fob’s electronics.

Keep A Spare Master Key In A Safe Place


Do you have a spare set of car keys? If not, have one made as soon as possible. While the cost of a new car key these days is relatively high, if you lose all the keys to your car, you could be off the road for a couple of days which will cost you time and money. A high price to pay for losing something you carry with you every day.

By having a spare master key, you can make sure that losing you car keys is not a major inconvenience.

If you are buying a new car, be sure to ask about the keys before you agree on anything. Most car dealers will provide two full sets of keys, however, there is no legal requirement for them to do this. Best to double check, since obtaining additional keys later could be a difficult and costly process.

Are you someone who always locks your keys in your car? A potential low-cost alternative to gain access to your car is to order a basic key without the transmitter. This key will do everything except start engine and will be handy when you leave the keys in your car.

Claim On Your Car Insurance


If your car key has been lost or stolen, then you might be able to claim to cover the costs of replacing your keys.

Depending on your policy, you may also be covered for the cost of recovering the spare key.

Some policies even include car hire in the event that you are stranded and can’t drive your own car due to the lack of keys. This is perfect if you need to wait a couple of days for the keys to be shipped.

Be sure to check the fine print carefully. Some policies may state that keys must be lost for a certain period of time before the cover kicks in.

If you have lost your keys, give your insurance company a call. It may save you a lot of money.

Lose Your Keys Often?


If going on a treasure hunt for your keys is a weekly pastime, then consider buying a key-locator device. These handy little gadgets will cost less than $50 and will save you hours of frustration. These devices can help you locate your keys when you lose them at home or at work.

If you have a habit of loosing them around town, it is a good idea to tape your email address and a “reward if found message” on the key ring.

Do You Keep Breaking Your Car Keys?


A huge complaint is problems with keys wearing out, developing faults or breaking. It results in a expensive operation. Many people have an active lifestyle, and as a result keys can get damaged.

Beachgoers and surfers often discover that their keys aren’t waterproof. Consider getting special waterproof or shockproof keys and save yourself money in the long run.

Better Safe Than Sorry


There is no deny it. Modern car keys are expensive!

The best way to save money on replacing your car keys is to be prepared. Indulge your inner boy scout and get a spare key now, on your terms, without all the stress, time and money lost in what might have been an emergency.

Contact one of our expert locksmiths today on (02) 8077 2595, and find out how we can save you money on your replacement car keys.

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