Best Home Renovations We Have Seen In Sydney’s Northern Suburbs

Best Home Renovations We Have Seen In Sydney’s Northern Suburbs

The Northern Suburb boasts amazing national parks, and beautiful houses. All throughout the North of Sydney, each suburb has its own charm and character.

The region of Hornsby is the perfect escape from the atmosphere of the city in the Northern Sydney. Located beside the Hornsby River, this area is perfect for the calm riverside stay.

Whereas the locality of Mosman is the sophisticated area located beside the harbor and perfect place with chic boutiques, stylish cafes, and the famous Taronga Zoo.

To make the most of these beautiful surrounds, locals have started renovating their homes. Here are some of the local renovations that our local Northern Suburbs locksmiths love. These well-decorated villas are a perfect inspiration for your dream house.

‘East Meets West’ in Northern Suburbs

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The graphic designer Jane Garrett lives in the northern suburb of the Sydney with her partner Peter and her two children. They bought a 1920 abode in the year 2006 for its charming and peaceful neighborhood. The decorating style of their house is described as the ‘East Meet West’.

The house was restored by the architecture of Hobbs Jamieson Architecture. The original door was restored in a new manner. The rear door from the living area leads into the outdoor kitchen and area for barbecue.

Jane, Peter, and their children Phoebe and Gil are habituated around the huge living space around the house, decorated with custom made sofa and the old restored arm chairs. The ensuite is attached with the bedroom, which allows them the luxury of space they require.

1920’s Meets 2016 In Mosman

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In the area of Mosman, the 1920 villa is restored and turned into a charming beachside house.

With the contemporary furnishing and original structure, the romantic element of this house is retained in the request of the owner.

The walls of the house are painted white and the floor of this house is made of timber.

The black art deco door and the black and white tiling in front of the house still flaunt the heritage of 1920’s era.

Mixing Nature With A Modern Flare

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In the Northern Suburb of Sydney, the four bedrooms, two garaged home describes the art of living in luxury in a simplest way.

This light filled home is opened at the back and the rear surface of the home and the use of louvers of the Timbers are specially designed to fill the whole house in light.

The simple layout of this house creates a striking contrast of mixing nature with modern amenities.

These are out favourites. Do you know of any local Northern Suburbs homes that you adore? Let us know below

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