Apartment Security In The Sydney CBD

Apartment Security In The Sydney CBD

Welcome to Sydney CBD the home of business and awesome entertainment. If you are a business executive, entrepreneur, business investor or just someone that likes to stay where the action is, well you have come to the right place.

There is no better place for you than here at the Sydney Central. That is why we have decided to do everything within our power to ensure that your stay here in Sydney CBD is as peaceful and pleasant as possible.

The crime rate here in Sydney CBD is relatively low but still it does happen and you can’t be too careful about it. Burglary is one of the most common threats that apartment owners are faced with and eighty percent of burglary attacks are committed during the day. This is because during these time you would or should probably be at the workplace taking care of one thing or the other and not at home.

Another common time of the attack is during the night when they are sure not to meet anyone at home, maybe because they’ve all gone on a vacation. So here are some helpful action plan that you would need to execute to prevent being made part of the statistics of this common crime.

Check Your Locks

The most common entry point for burglars is the balcony door and the garage door. Every professional burglar knows that these doors are usually the weakest point in the security chain. Knowing this now, please make it a point of duty to reinforce these locks today. Here is the thing, a burglar would always go for the easy entry points in your apartment but if he can’t find any he would be forced to leave.

Check The Windows And The Single Sliding Doors

Your windows and your balcony sliding doors are also a very easy point of attack because just like the back doors and your garage door they are usually easy to pry open. So it’s important to check the locks for these windows and balcony door, make sure they work properly. If not please replace them with better ones. Also, make it a habit of locking them before leaving the house.

Check your Lighting

Crime thrives in darkness and in dark corners, so it’s important that you don’t give the burglar the right conducive atmosphere to operate. Check your house to ensure that there are no dark corners in your house or apartment and if there is get those areas lighted as quickly as possible.

Get A Security Camera

Security cameras would also help you keep burglars at bay in your apartment, because when you are sure you would be caught on tape if you commit a crime in that apartment you would always think twice before going there.

The prices for security cameras are dropping by the day and in fact, you don’t even need a state of the art security camera unit all you need is a good webcam that would capture the video and transmit it to a safe storage location.

Move To A Higher Apartment Floor

Security wise higher is better because no burglar would want to carry very heavy appliances from the top floor all the way down, no it doesn’t happen because it’s very stressful. Burglars don’t do stressful at all.

Final Action Plan

Do you remember those things you do when you forget you keys or you misplace them somewhere? You know like prying open a venerable window, or getting the spare hidden in a secret spot outside your apartment. Well, those things could pose a huge security risk for you.

So here is what you do, take a pen and a paper and write down all those security loopholes that you would exploit if your key is lost and plug all of them.

On a final note please do get a professional Sydney CBD locksmith to have a look at your apartment and see if there are some security loopholes that might be exploited to gain access to your home.

How do you keep your apartment safe and secure?

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