12 Signs You’re From Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

12 Signs You’re From Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

Many of us are blissfully unaware of the fact that everywhere we go in this world we take a little bit of where we’re from with us. When we are about we may try to “do as the Romans do,” but there are always telltale signs that reveal our true origins. This is especially true of people from the Eastern Suburbs. Don’t believe me? Think about these signs that are dead giveaways to others who don’t come from places like Bondi, Randwick, Bondi Junction, Maroubra, Sydney or even NSW.

#1 You relate to Bondi Hipsters
Interested in eating natural foods and living a healthy lifestyle to the point of obsession? If so, then you may indentify with this video. These guys revel in the fact they are from Bondi.

#2 Your life revolves around Wednesday nights at The Sheaf
Beautiful and luxurious, this pub boasts an equally beautiful lounge, balcony and a beer garden. The Sheaf is an irresistible hang out for NSW suburbanites who also love gourmet food and live jazz.

#3 You’ve accepted that Uber will always be expensive because of where you are located.

#4 You’ve experienced the frustrations of having to direct the driver out of your deep suburban environs.

#5 You’ve taken countless photos on the coastal walk

The scenery along the coast of the Eastern suburbs is splendid and not able to walk without taking and posting photos of it. (Another sign you are from the Eastern suburbs is that you’ve snap-chatted the entire Bondi-Coogee coastal walk.)

#6 You felt pride when New South Wales beat Queensland in the State of Origin series of 2014

You probably even remember the score and the drought leading up to the victory.

#7 You are used to spiders that would terrify people in other parts of the world. These include NSW’s Sydney funnel-web spider, mouse spiders and recluse spiders.

#8 Traffic Rules Sydneysiders often try to match their speedometer with the speed-limit signs exactly – not faster and certainly not slower than the limit.

#9 Housing Costs You don’t flinch at the high price of housing in the Eastern suburbs especially if those properties have a view of the sea.

#10 Cockroaches don’t scare you Unfortunately, these buggers are the cost of doing business in the suburbs and other places in Australia but we in the suburbs have grown to be as resilient and fearless as they are.

#11 You still talk about the 2000 Sydney Olympics Though more than a decade and half ago, older residents still fondly remember the Sydney 2000 volunteers.

#12 Foods that are odd to others are familiar to you such as laksa, pho and pad see yew.

Finally, the people, places and things around you, as well as your experience, all combine to shape the person you are. Everyone in the world is imprinted by their environment on a level that they are sometimes not even conscious of. You might call these things that influence and shape us identifiers.

However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Think of it as a way you imprint a bit of your personality upon other places you go when you are away from home. Think of it as something that combines with your personality to make you the unique person that you are. Revel in it as the Bondi boys on YouTube do. (Well, perhaps don’t take it that far.)

What are some hilarious things you have noticed as an Eastern Suburbs local? Comment below

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